Migration season

This newsletter is moving to findyourafterglow.com as of June 2020! Here's what the migration means for free followers and paying subscribers...

Hey, friends. So, deep breath: this ride is about to get a little bumpy. Ready?

Im migrating this newsletter to my new membership platform at findyourafterglow.com

If you just want to know what this means for you, you can skip to the end of this email.

If you want to know why the hell Im changing platforms after less than a year, keep reading.

Last Thursday, I got this email from Lenna, my new marketing consultant whos helping me with the Shitshow book launch and Afterglow marketing strategy:

What I do NOT have this proposal is sorting out the UX around your different properties -- but that should definitely be looked at before we get too far into anything.

吏f course shes right.

Off the top of my head, Ive got arielmeadow.com (resume), blog.arielmeadow.com (archived blog), offbeatempire.com (company page), offbeatbride.com, offbeathome.com, and findyourafterglow.com. On insta Ive got @offbeatbride, @arielmstallings, @findyourafterglow. On FB Ive got pages for Offbeat Empire, Offbeat Bride, and Find Your Afterglow.

Oh, and then theres this Substack.

Yikes, Ive got a problem

Then, the next day, I got this email from the head of marketing at Hachette:

I wanted to talk to you about getting your online presence organized, especially your social media channels. I asked my team to audit your online presence because I was having trouble navigating through all the various links. I find it confusing and I think that readers who arent familiar with your previous work will be too. Theres definitely room for consolidation, removal, and redirecting of some of these sites. Have you considered hiring a consultant to help you organize your online presence?

Notice how she basically said the exact same thing as Lenna?

Ug, its agonizing when I get the same feedback from two totally unrelated sources, flagging something that Ive sorta known is an issue for a really long time, but havent wanted to look at.

Universe, is that you, giving me the same message out of two different mouths?

Fine, Ill listen.

I cant ignore it anymore: I need to FUCKING FOCUS.

Its time to clean digital house

As part of my housekeeping, Im migrating this newsletter from Substack to Kajabi, the platform that hosts my new biz site, findyourafterglow.com.

This makes sense for many, many reasons. Most obviously, why would I use Substacks separate email platform when Im paying to use Kajabi, which has a great email platform built in, AND super robust on-site membership functions?

And clearly nows the time to do it, before book marketing kicks off.

One thing thats NOT a factor in this migration is any shortcomings with Substack. I love Substack. Its such a great tool and Id recommend it to any writer who wants to start a quick, monetizable publication.

That said, it just doesnt make sense to maintain multiple mailing lists, especially when Kajabis tools allow me to do so much more.

What does this migration mean for current free followers and paying subscribers?


Ill be migrating the follower email list over to the new platform, and you dont need to do anything to stay subscribed.

As part of the new Afterglow on the new platform, I wont be sending as many free essays, but youll still get one every once and a while.

That said, if youve been thinking of joining as a subscriber, NOW is the time to do it. The cost will be going up significantly in a few weeks to reflect all the features on the new platform.

Subscribe on new platform


  • PAYMENTS: The new member tool Im creating on Kajabi is going to be at a higher price point, but existing Substack subscribers will be grandfathered in. Youll have to re-enter your payment information but Ill rounding up everyones subscriptions up quite generously to compensate for the hassle.

  • INSTAGRAM: One of my subscriber benefits has been the option to be added to my close friends list over on my @arielmstallings insta account. Im going to be shifting my stories over to the @findyourafterglow account, and Ill be in touch the first week of June about getting you onto the close friends list. In the meantime, Ill just be posting my stories publicly.

Its stupid how much anxiety I have about this migration (BEEP-BEEP: ALL ABOARD THE STRUGGLE BUS!) but please just know this: youre very important to me, Afterglow subscribers.

Thank you for your patience with my shuffling around!

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